A Medical Technologist (usually Medical laboratory scientist, Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Medical Laboratory Technologist) is an allied health professional that analyzes and tests body fluids and tissues. This includes blood, urine, CSF, synovial fluid, all types of tissue samples, and almost any type of sample removed from a patient for testing. They are responsible for operating and maintaining complex analyzers that are used in a laboratory and ensuring the laboratory results of each patient are accurate and timely.

» Minimum Qualification for Admission : Matric, 10+1, 10+2. B.Sc., B.A., B.Com. or any equivalent qualifications.

» Age : No age Restriction.

» Duration : One Academic Year/Two year.

» Employment Opportunities : More than 3,50,000 Medical Laboratory Technicians will be required in 1,75,000 Hospitals / PHCs / Nursing Homes and by medical professionals by 2020 A.D. to fulfil the Alma- Atta Declaration i.e. “Health for all by 2020 A.D.” as the country’s population would rise to more than 125 Crores.

» The diploma-holder may open his/her own Clinical Laboratory in any part of the country, subject to State Government Laws or under the supervision of a qualified Medical Professional/ Pathologist/ Registered Medical Practitioner.

» The Diploma Holder will be suitable for Appointment as Medical Laboratory Supervisers/ Technicians/ Assistants in all Private Hospitals/Nursing Homes or with Private Medical Practitioners etc.

Two Years DMLT Subjects

1st Year

(i) Anatomy & Physiology

(ii) Microbiology-I

(iii) Biochemistry-I

(iv) Haematology

2nd Year

(v) Parasitology, Virology, Serology

(vi) Biochemistry-II

(vii) Histotechnology

(viii) Lab Management


Practical and internal assessment, Viva-Voice

One Year DMLT Subjects

(i) Anatomy & Physiology

(ii) Microbiology, Parasitology, Serology

(iii) Clinical Bio-Chemistry

(iv) Haemotology

(v) Histotechnology

(vi) Laboratory Management & Planning

Practical and internal assessment, Viva-Voice

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